Landscape designing in basic terms is designing with and within nature. Nature is the most integrating part of our lives. Having it inculcated in our homes would just make your house a perfectly planned piece of art. Vastushila believes that to be a landscape designer one must have that bond with nature, its prime beauty and its importance in different parts of our buildings or exteriors. Thus we have appointed team of such designers who have all the above qualities to serve you well.

Location of your project holds a great role when it comes to landscape designing. Climate and microclimate, topography and orientation, site drainage and groundwater recharge, soil and irrigation, property safety and security etc, everything is considered before starting off with the project.

We would love to show what all we have in our treasury:

1) Decorating your exteriors with climbing plants

This would give your house a beautiful appearance from outside as well as give you an aesthetic feel from inside. For this task, Vastushila designers are equipped with the best knowledge of fauna and flora. Every project has its own climate and thus be treated uniquely for the perfect solution.

2) Decorating your front yard and backyard with trees

Shrubs and bushy plants give a pleasurable feeling when you step out of your main door in the morning. Birds chirping on them just add on lightness in your mood making your entire day amusing. Adding a mixture of soft paved areas and hard paved areas will add to the beauty. One can also use a few rocks, sittings and various plants to create the required theme.

3) Decorating your balcony

Beautiful flower vases with antique roses give a very nice finish to your house. They look great and are really easy to maintain.

History has proved that landscape designing is the most budget friendly and most beautiful amongst every complicated idea humans have ever discovered. Nature is for us and it is upon us to embrace its beauty.

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