Architecture is a wide concept of designing the basic structure of building blocks. It is the true art we live in, from individual residences, apartments, bungalows, to the broader context, skyscrapers, and parks of the city around us. It has many branches namely interior decor, exterior designing, landscape planning which are discussed in detail in later parts.

Why us?

We offer numerous budget friendly designs to our customers which make it easy for them to choose from. All the software required for the same are available with us in the hands of most talented and experienced designers. Vastushila understands the importance of your time and money and considers in building an environmentally friendly design for your area.

Architectural concepts

What is a concept? It is basically an idea, observation, visualization or imagination which is to be turned in reality. The architectural concept is a peculiar way in which the architecture’s mind runs to every possible idea out there in the market to make your house/building look stunning.

Now there are mainly five types of architectural designs:

  1. Analogies: looking into different concepts
  2. Metaphors: looking at abstractions
  3. Essences: looking beyond programmatic needs
  4. Programmatic concepts: looking at stated requirements
  5. Ideals: looking at the universal values

A true architect is the one who understands each and every concept and works with 100% dedication. He/she will implement the structural designs satisfying the user requirements completely. Thus, at Vastushila Architects we bring in Architects, Structural Designers, Building Consultants, Interior Planners and Landscape designers to design every project. This way we make certain that every project is best in all mediums.

If you are looking for a good architectural designer in Uttarakhand, then Vastushila Architects is the right choice for you. Vastushila will provide you with the utmost qualified architects. We assure that signing a contract with us won’t put you in regret.