Every house is a world in itself. Thus, every house deserves to be decorated/arranged in a pattern which enhances its beauty. We at VastuShila Architects take pride and responsibility to be one of most prominent Interior Designers in Uttarakhand. We are an organization who provides head to toe building design solutions in Uttarakhand as well as in other states of India.


Rishikesh Interior Designer vastu rishikesh interior guide

In the past few years – We have designed several stunning Interior for a few prominent families, corporate tycoons, apartments and independent houses. We are glad to receive our client’s trust. It is the quality and satisfaction we provide that brought us to the rank we stand today. It takes great hard work to become the best interior designer in Uttarakhand and takes even more to hold the position. Our recent projects in Rishikesh, Dehradun, Jaipur, and Chennai has filled us with more confidence.

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